Estate Planning

Everyone needs some type of estate plan to protect their family, to make sure their assets go to their loved ones and for “just in case” documents like health care directives and durable powers of attorney. Most Californians choose a living trust so their family will be spared the high cost and hassles of probate.

Because we are not an online document factory, and not a big impersonal law firm, our attorneys take the time to get to know you and design a custom estate plan just for you and your family. And because we have been doing estate planning for over 25 years, we’ve developed an easy process to make estate planning simple.

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General Questions

Q: How long does it take to get my estate plan done?

A: It usually takes two attorney meetings. The whole process takes about 2 – 3 weeks.

Q: Who drafts the estate planning documents?

A: All living trusts and wills are drafted by our attorneys.

Q: What does it cost?

A: We do estate planning on a fixed fee. We don’t bill by the hour. Our living trust estate plans are generally $2000.

Q: Do you provide on-going support?

A: Absolutely. This is probably the best part about working with us. Once you become our client you get unlimited (but reasonable) email and phone access to our attorneys for questions about the work we did for you for free.

Q: What's the best way to contact you?

A: Email is the best way to contact us – that way we don’t have to play phone tag and we can usually respond within an hour or two.

For Parents with Young Children

Q: Do we need an estate plan if we don’t have many assets?

A: Yes. If you have young children, estate planning is more critical now than at any other phase of your life. You need to protect your children by naming guardians to take care of them if something happens to you.

For many parents of young children, life insurance is their biggest asset. We can design your estate plan so your insurance benefits will be significantly protected for your children.

Q: Is there a way to protect my kids’ inheritance from divorce and lawsuits?

A: Yes. We can include lifetime protection trusts in your living trust to significantly protect the assets you leave your kids from divorce claims and lawsuits filed against them.

For Parents of Adults

Q: Can I protect my children’s inheritance for their whole life?

A: Yes. Most of our clients want us to add lifetime protection provisions to their living trust to significantly protect their children’s inheritance from lawsuits and divorce claims.

For Couples without Children

Q: Why do we need estate planning if we have no children?

A good estate plan will protect you and your spouse with powers of attorney and health care documents. You can have a big impact on family and friends and your favorite charity rather than letting the state decide who gets your assets.

More Questions?

Q: If I have more questions about estate planning or protecting my children's future, what should I do?

We are available by email and phone during normal business hours. Email is a preferred method of communication as its allows us to communicate with you after business hours and in situations where we have just a minute to respond. Either way, we’d love to hear from you. Get started here.