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Iron Sharpens Iron – Watch out!

A wise pastor once told me the job of parents is simply to prepare children for adulthood. I understand that to mean teaching them to make good decisions, to argue persuasively (not cry or whine), to be kind and respectful of others and to be strong and courageous. If we succeed in raising strong kids - which hopefully results in high functioning adults, we actually make our job as parents harder. Because…

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Do You Need More?

With 18 years experience as a California attorney (15 years doing estate planning and business planning), I've concluded that what clients want and need more than anything else from their law firm is follow-up and proactive guidance. Almost all law firms rely on the client to initiate. That's the standard in the legal industry - client calls attorney when client has a problem. Is this an outdated model? The problem with that…

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Business Decisions and Football

Cincinnatti Bengals owner Mike Brown insisted that he won’t trade quarterback Carson Palmer, who wants to leave a really bad team. Palmer, who has four years left on his contract, told the team in January that he would retire if he’s not traded. ESPN radio has reported that Brown wants to teach Palmer a lesson, so he won't trade him. Huh? How does teaching Palmer a lesson help anyone? By not trading…

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What Do You Want from Your Attorney?

Just wondering. If you have a small business and a family, do you need a billable hour attorney to prepare documents when you ask and nothing else or do you need an attorney that you can contact whenever you want, who initiates with you to update your corporate, business documents and estate planing documents and who does it all for an affordable monthly price? I'm just thinking that the traditional attorney client…

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Business Owner – Get Life Insurance

WHAT IF YOU DIE TOMORROW? How's that for an intro. But really, you work so hard in your business and what if you dropped dead? Maybe you and your business is your family's sole source of income AND your business depends on you. If you are gone, your family's income is gone. What happens to them? Until:1) you make it big or 2) your kids are out of the house, you need…

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Amy Winehouse’s Will

We already know what is in Amy Winehouse's will. And who's out. If she did US estate planning and had a living trust instead of a will, the public would not know who she left out of her estate. A living trust avoids probate and keeps personal affairs out of public reach.

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