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Job Market – Are Your Kids Prepared?

Fascinating article in NYT by Thomas Friedman about the job market. A must read if you have college age children to help them understand new job market.

I think something else, something new — something that will require our kids not so much to find their next job as to invent their next job — is also influencing today’s job market more than people realize.

[Employers] are all looking for the same kind of people — people who not only have the critical thinking skills to do the value-adding jobs that technology can’t, but also people who can invent, adapt and reinvent their jobs every day, in a market that changes faster than ever.

The old axiom may be more true now than ever before – start your own business and you’ll never get laid off.

Does this impact estate planning? Maybe instead of leaving enough to your kids to help them buy a house or set up a retirement nest egg, leave them something to help them fund a new business.

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