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Estate Planning and Business Planning Easy

Bernard Greenburg in Estate Planning Practice.

Would you enjoy driving downtown and searching for a parking place just to spend two hours in an attorney’s office to talk about distributing your property when you die?

Well according to recent statistics, hardly anyone does. According to the AARP, not very many people make such an effort, or any effort at all towards their estate planning. More than 90% of the Americans have failed to take appropriate steps to protect themselves, their families and their property through proper estate planning.

WE KNOW THIS. This is why we started Counsel Protect, LLP. We took the best of Legal Zoom (online technology) with the best of law firms (one on one attorney-client long term relationship) and combined into client-convenient and affordable legal services. Check out our services and how we do it on the RIGHT. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and affordable getting your estate planning and business planning done.

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