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Live Blogging Global Leadership Summit – Part 1

Bill Hybels. (Part 1)

Leaders should be constant humble learners. Leadership matters. When leader gets better everyone wins.

1. Are you underchallenged, appropriately challenged, dangerously overchallenged.

Need to be slightly over challenged or won’t grow – leadership skills will atrophy. Muscles don’t grow without strees. 

Don’t forget discipline of getting replenishment. Can’t go hard without getting replenishment.

2. Staff Issues.

If you had to cut 50% of staff, who would you cut?

Future of  your organization is tied to quality of people on staff. Key to future is attracting and keeping fantastic people.

Bad attitude employee. Need to resolve in 30 days or terminate.

Underperformer. Needs to be resolved in 3 mos.

Toughest situation. Employee doesn’t have talent elasticity to keep job. They did nothing wrong. Just don’t have talent level to keep up. Graciously dismiss them with a generous severance package.

If you don’t take care of problem employees, then fantastic employees lose excitement and look to change jobs.

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