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Live Blogging Global Leadership Summit – Part 3

Len Schlesinger.

Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs:

1. Low appetite for risk. Good at spreading risk. Not looking for risk.

2. Not necessarily big ideas. Just get into a space and do things.

3. See it and figure out how to do it better. Don’t need the big idea no one else had.

4. Not necessarily the most confident. Just regular folks. Not great men.

Start with things you care about. What would you like to do? In face of unknowability, anything else is foolish. Pay only what you can afford. Then act.

Stop worrying about what you should do and instead worry about what to do next. Focus on next step.

You want to be an entrepreneur.

  1. Know what you want.
  2. Stop obsessing about the resources you don’t have, Use what you have.
  3. Make reality your friend.
  4. Take steps based on your means and what you can afford.
  5. Focus on next step. Baby steps solve big problems.
  6. Bring other people with you.
  7. Be flexible.


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