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Do Something

People who have nothing to do become boring, insignificant and die before their time.

Working through a challenge is what drives humans to significance and meaning. The theme of the speakers at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit this week from Len Schlesinger, Cory Booker to Seth Godin was “Do Something.”

If you are struggling in this horrible economy (and BTW most peope are – thats why it’s a horrible economy), start a new business. If you are retired, start a new business. (FYI the largest age group of entrepreneurs is 55 – 64). If you are an empty nester, get involved in something.

Studies have shown, and my own experience as an attorney for almost 20 years has confirmed, that retired peole often die earlier than they should when they have nothing to do – no purpose to give them a reason to get up in the morning.

In the next few weeks I’ll be writing on the importance of DOING SOMETHING, especially for an entrepreneur, with guidance from two of the best: Len Schlessinger and Seth Godin.

Life is precious. Our time here is short. See it as a gift and use it (which really means – enjoy it).

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