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Tribal Leaders

The term Tribal Leader is from Seth Godin. You are a tribal leader if you lead a group of people connected to each other to an idea.

Excerpt from interview with Wired.

Wired: How do you put your tribe ahead of others in a land of too many choices and too many other things vying for attention?

Seth Godin: Leadership today is about 10 people bringing you 100 and 100 bringing you 1,000. When you have 1,000 true fans, as Kevin Kelly talks about, then they’re the people who are going to turn it into a movement. Not you. Your job is to take care of and feed and nurture those 1,000 people, and those people need to go to their network of people who know them and trust them, who eat dinner with them, and bring them in. It’s not for you to somehow beam your message to strangers and convert them, because you can’t convert strangers anymore. Not one major new consumer brand built in the last five years was built on the back of advertising. Google and Facebook, etc. are built because one person brought another one by the hand, not because someone bought ads on the Super Bowl

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