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Think Twice About Law School

Sui Generis posts about the lure of law school and the harsh reality.

I’ve talked at least 20 people out of law school over the years. Reason. Simple. It’s very expensive. It’s very hard. It’s very stressful. And most lawyers don’t like what they do. Before you invest 3-4 years of you life and saddle yourself with a huge student loan debt, do the research. Spend lots of time with lawyers and see what they do and learn what they think about what they do before you even invest in an LSAT prep class. It will open your eyes. Law school is fine and being an attorney can be very rewarding, but make sure you really want to be one. Don’t base your decision on TV shows and movies. If you have to have a graduate degree, consider an MBA. Only two years instead of three. No bar exam. And a much bigger horizon for a career. And way better training to be an entrepreneur.

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