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Biz Counsel

If you run a small business, I mean small, like it’s just you, or maybe you and a few employees or partners, then you are part of the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the world. Not the ones you read about in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company or Fortune Magazine, but the creative risk takers like you who start a business to carve out a life – a life where you can control your own destiny and bend your work into the life you want.

If you are one of those ( I am one of those), you may need a business attorney now and then. When you do, what do you do?

Most of you will either wing it after researching on Google, or hire a law firm and cross your fingers that the attorney knows what he is doing, will listen, will understand what you need, won’t be a jerk and won’t charge you a fortune.

Good luck . . .

Fortunately we have a solution you may like. We call it Biz Counsel.

Biz Counsel gives you one month of unlimited (but reasonable) access to me by email and phone, and if you want, a one hour in person meeting in my Folsom office. I can help you with choosing a business entity, contract issues, general business tax issues, business consulting, issues regarding investors and partners, etc. I can advise you on most business transaction and consulting matters. We do not do business litigation, but I could probably refer you to someone who does if you need that.

The fixed feeĀ  is $595. When I bill by the hour, my rate is $400, so this is a pretty good deal.

My availability is limited, so it’s first come, first serve.

If you need a responsive attorney you can trust, send me an email below, and we will connect to see if I can help.

Here’s to you – the entrepreneur who is making your life count.


Clark Allison

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