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The Future is Here

Here is an amazing presentation by Roger McNamee on the future of the internet, web and your business and life. Fascinating and exciting. Trust me. It's worth 15 minutes of your time even though he's wearing a purple sweatshirt. Thanks to Mitch Joel.

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This is Grit

In previous posts I've discussed GRIT as the essential attribute for success - not brains, talent, discipline or hard work, which are all important. But Grit is the difference maker. This is Grit. I just met Clare's father last week. And her story is truly amazing.  

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Trust Administration for a Parent

If your parent passes away there are things you will need to do, even if he or she has a living trust. But not immediately. Take the time to attend to family matters. Usually a few weeks later is soon enough to sort out the estate issues. If your mom or dad had a living trust and had transferred their assets to the trust, then things should go well, but there are…

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Give Away That Sweater

We are now shifting from late summer to fall and winter in northern California. Each year at this time, I look in my closet for a sweater to wear when I'm working at home. Each time I find sweaters I really like (comfortable, right look and feel) and sweaters I've never really worn (often the more expensive ones I received as a gift that require dry cleaning). Each year I try to…

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It Is Within Your Reach

We were trained in school that we need specialists. We were not trained to solve problems or to discover on our own what to do next. As John Taylor Gatto writes in his excellent book Weapons of Mass Instruction: How were we ever tricked into believing that specialists are needed for matters well within the reach of ordinary people? How did we come to think so little of ourselves. If you are…

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