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Give Away That Sweater

We are now shifting from late summer to fall and winter in northern California. Each year at this time, I look in my closet for a sweater to wear when I’m working at home. Each time I find sweaters I really like (comfortable, right look and feel) and sweaters I’ve never really worn (often the more expensive ones I received as a gift that require dry cleaning). Each year I try to like the expensive stylish sweaters, but I never end up wearing them. I sometimes feel guilty, like I’m wasting them. So to not waste them, I put one on and hate it, and immediately change. This year I’ve decided to give those expensive sweaters I don’t like to my nephews and stick to what I like, and not feel guilty or that I’m wasting something.

Your business can be like this. Are you doing things that you think you should do even though it doesn’t really fit who you are or what you want to do? If so, stop. Be who you are. Make your business reflect you, not the you you think you should be because all the others are like that. You are not like that. Which is why you will stand out in the market if you are not like that. Make your business reflect your unique perspective. As Seth Godin says: Build your own universe, your own permission asset. Find a tribe, lead it, connect with it, become the short head, the one and only, the one that we’d miss if you were gone.


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