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Trust Administration for a Parent

If your parent passes away there are things you will need to do, even if he or she has a living trust. But not immediately. Take the time to attend to family matters. Usually a few weeks later is soon enough to sort out the estate issues. If your mom or dad had a living trust and had transferred their assets to the trust, then things should go well, but there are things that must be done, including:

  • File pour-over will with the county probate court
  • Mail notice to CA Dept. of Health Care Services
  • Send statutory notice to the trust beneficiaries
  • Send copies of the trust to beneficiaries if they request one
  • Make a list of all the estate assets and values and creditors and debts
  • Keep track of all expense payments. Beneficiaries may ask for an accounting.
  • If your parent owned real property, you have to decide to sell it our transfer title to the beneficiaries

This is a good start for a simple estate where the beneficiaries get along. If your parent did not have a living trust and he or she owned a house or had assets valued at more than $100,000, then you will have to take the estate through probate, which escalates the cost and complexity by an order of magnitude.

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