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Estate Planning – Why Not?

We work so hard to build a nest egg to leave something to our families. Why then do so many spend so little time making sure their kids and grandchildren receive what they have worked so hard to provide them? What is it about estate planning that makes people so afraid?

Certain cultures believe that you will hasten your death if you plan your estate. Superstitious of course, but perception directs behavior.

Estate planning can be done in a few hours with a modest estate and a few days with a large estate. And it should be reviewed annually. But it’s usually not difficult, usually not unpleasant and usually not expensive. But yet many people spend more time planning their fantasy football picks, putting up Christmas lights or reading their Facebook updates then planning their estate. Why?

We know you will die. If you know for certain an event will happen in your life and your action now can make that event less painful and more beneficial to the people you love the most, wouldn’t you take action?




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