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Toughness and Perserverance

I’ve written about Grit and how the experts say it determines success more than talent or discipline. Grit is a combination of toughness and perseverance – the ability to keep going despite many obstacles to reach a long term goal.

Is there a better example of Grit in sports today than Alex Smith, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers?

San Francisco fans all but chased him out of town last year. They hated him, and he knew it. He had no options to move to a new team in the off season due to the NFL strike. New coach, Jim Harbaugh, persuaded him to stick around. Alex did, knowing the fans didn’t want him.

After years of boos, Alex Smith is now the leader of the playoff bound 49ers (who just beat the Steelers on Monday night) with a legitimate shot at a Pro Bowl nomination, and the fans are now cheering for him. His career turned around in a mere four months and his grit put him in position to make it happen.

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