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Tim Tebow – Game Changer

Tim Tebow has changed the NFL. He can’t do what the great passers, like Rodgers and Brady do. So the league says he shouldn’t be an NFL quarterback. But he wins. Now he has led his team to a playoff victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team with the number one defense in the league.

How does he win? He does what he knows he can do. He doesn’t do what the experts say he should do (they say he can’t do those things.) He and his coaches and teammates make the most out of what they have. They don’t try to play like the other top teams. They focus on their unique skills, not on the skills the experts say they don’t have.

How about you and your business? Do you need to get caught up in following the “best practices” of the experts and do what everyone says you should do? Or, should you break from the herd, do what you are uniquely talented to do and have the confidence to trust your instincts to do those things –  even if it’s not like everyone else?

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