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Downsizing Better?

This economy has forced many to downsize: less staff, less office, less vendors, less services.  Stepping back – is that so bad, after the initial shock?

I just got back from a doctor appointment and noticed many staff and two stressed out doctors. The doctor knows I’m a business attorney and we spoke about his business model. How many patients does he have to see to pay his large overhead bill? Could he significantly downsize (less staff, smaller office) and see fewer patients and have a higher net profit (and a better life)?

Can you do what you do as well or better if you reduce your costs? Maybe you could spend more time with each customer knowing you don’t need to sling as many as you can through your process so you can meet overhead.

The social media experts and business consultants scream bigger, bigger, bigger and hire staff to do everything but your essential work. The economy is forcing a reset on this thinking. Maybe downsizing overhead is good – better customer service, higher profit margin and a life, even for churches and nonprofits.

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