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What Do Your Customers Really Need?

In this CNET article, Rick Broida explains how he wants to exchange his new ipad for a kindle fire. You may agree or disagree with his opinion, but I think his most interesting point is - why should he pay $600 for the ipad when the kindle fire does 95% of what he needs for $195. He acknowledges the ipad is amazing, but maybe not in ways he needs. He wants the…

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Baby Boomers and Estate Planning

Kaycee Krysty in Forbes explains Five Reasons Baby Boomers Need to Review Their Estate Plan. (And none of them are about taxes.) The five reasons are: 1. Relationships change 2. Kids grow up 3. You know more about your health 4. You own different assets 5. You care more about your legacy Like everything else in life, as you get older, your perspective and objectives change. Make sure your current perspective and objectives…

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What Do You Want?

I read a lot of business books and biographies. After I get over the buzz of how exciting the business or person is or was, I'm struck by the question: would I really want to be like him or her? Big success in business (or in anything for that matter) comes with a price. The price is often a sacrifice of one's family and life. The entrepreneur's spouse and kids have money…

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The First Business Book You Should Read

One of the best business books for entrepreneurs I've ever read is Rework by Jasen Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Rework is straight forward, topical and brutally honest. It's not a book about turning your dream into the next big thing. But it is a thoughtful and street smart guide on how to see your business and how to build your business around your life and your uniqueness. The authors are the…

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Embrace the Squiggly

Mitch Joel has a terrific post on how a career is not a straight line - it never was, and certainly is not now. Here's the thing: people want guarantees: if I go to school and get a degree, I get a good paying job, right? If I work hard my whole life, I'll have a pension, right? If I do everything my boss tells me, I'll get that promotion, right? I've…

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First Post

Hello world. This is our fist post on our new site which for the time being is a work in progress. The purpose of this site is to bring relevant and immediately useful information to entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs. This will not be a site to hype you up about how your start up business can be the next big thing. This is a site to help you become the next…

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Gift Tax and Clawback

Peter Reilly in Forbes discusses the possibility of clawback and how making substantial gifts in 2012 is still a good idea. . . .  the inertia of the law as it is now written and the unlikelihood of a Republican sweep make it likely that the unified credit will cover significantly less than $5,000,000 in 2013.  Unless I missed a beat somewhere in the last thirty years, I don’t think that the…

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Folsom Estate Planning Attorneys Arrested Part 2

This Sacramento Bee article has more details on the arrest of Folsom estate planning attorneys Cynthia Flahive, Gregory Flahive and Michael Johnson. They were partners in the Flahive Law Firm. According to the article, Cynthia Flahive and Michael Johnson are listed as attorneys with the Cinder Law Group in Folsom and Gregory Flahive now runs Prestige Law Corp. in Sacramento. The Flahive Law Firm was very aggressive in advertising for legal services…

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Getting Into the Best College

Cal Newport has written an incredible counter-intuitive book which is a must read for middle school and high school students and their parents. The premise of How to be a High School Superstar is that your child doesn't have to sacrifice his or her life by joining silly clubs, taking endless AP classes, competing on every sports team offered and dominating student body elections. Newport interviewed many students who made it into…

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