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Estate Planning is Not Complicated

If you have a family, you need to protect it. It’s your job.

If you die, what happens to your spouse and children? The solution can be simple. An estate plan and life insurance. The estate plan usually involves a living trust and the life insurance can be a 20 year term policy. That will protect most families. It doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to be done. Don’t make it more complicated than it has to be.

Guardians. Of the people you know, who is the best one to raise your kids if needed, Hint – not some best case scenario person you haven’t met yet, but the best of the people you know. For good or bad, your choice is limited to the people you already know. Who is the best of those?  You can always change your selection. Better that you to choose, then have the court choose for you.

Life Insurance. If you are healthy, term life insurance can be surprisingly affordable. Talk to your insurance adviser and lock in a 20 year term policy.

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