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Real Entrepreneurs – No VCs Needed

Great post from David Katz about what a real entrepreneur is and what it is not. After describing the glorified gamblers and their venture capitalist enablers, he says:

This whole picture of entrepreneurship reeks. It’s only true for a small subset of entrepreneurs – ones that make high risk plays with VC capital and years without profitability. Founders who make these plays are really half entrepreneurs, half gamblers.

If you build your life around dependency on outside capital, is it any wonder you’ll be stressed when said capital is about to run out? You have only yourself to blame – you walked into a high risk, high gain situation. If that’s what you want, great, but don’t go hijacking the term ‘entrepreneur’ to describe only people like you. I do low risk, good gain business, and I have every inch of claim on the word ‘entrepreneur’ that you do. I don’t spend my time in airplanes, I don’t get up at 4:50am, I’m never stressed, I have plenty of free time to use how I see fit.

I am also not rich by a long stretch. Maybe one day I will be, maybe I won’t, who knows. What I know is that I love my work, that I have an income that allows me to live exactly like I want to live, and that my business has been supporting me and our team of five for many years.

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