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Do What You Are

I am a huge 49er fan, so today, the NFC Championship game, is a big deal. I'm ready to see what the Niners and quarterback Colin Kaepernick can do against the Atlanta Falcons. The 49ers have significantly changed their offense to exploit Kaepernick's unique talents. Coach Jim Harbaugh knew what Kaepernick could do (run like a gazelle and throw laser beam passes down field) and he adjusted his offensive scheme  to match.…

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Thank Congress if You Made Big Gifts in 2012

Hank Wittenberg has a great article on on why those of you who did year end planning in 2012 made the right choice, even though Congress extended the generous gift and estate tax exclusions with the American Taxpayer Relief Act. The tax act signed into law by President Obama last week provided some very good estate planning provisions. Surprisingly, I have already read and heard complaints from other estate planning attorneys…

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New 2013 Gift Tax and Estate Tax Rates – Now What?

Congress surprised us again and passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act (don't you love the catchy name) on January 1 to temporarily avoid the fiscal cliff. Overall, the new law is much better than the experts expected. It extends the estate tax and gift tax exclusions of 2012 and even indexes them for inflation. In 2013, you can gift $5,250,000 with no gift tax. In 2013, you can die with $5,250,000 with…

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