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Do What You Are

I am a huge 49er fan, so today, the NFC Championship game, is a big deal. I’m ready to see what the Niners and quarterback Colin Kaepernick can do against the Atlanta Falcons.

The 49ers have significantly changed their offense to exploit Kaepernick’s unique talents. Coach Jim Harbaugh knew what Kaepernick could do (run like a gazelle and throw laser beam passes down field) and he adjusted his offensive scheme  to match. Harbaugh didn’t force Kaepernick to subsume his talents to Harbaugh’s system, i.e. fit square peg in round hole. Rather, he  saw something truly special in Kaepernick and made the decision to abandon “best practices” and let Colin be Colin. So far so good. I’m writing this 1 hour before kickoff.

What is the “offensive scheme” you are using in your business. Is it the scheme the experts tell you to use? Or is it the scheme that exploits your unique talents – which by definition are unique to you and not what the experts have considered.

Your business will work best when it is structured around your strengths. You were made different than anyone else, for a reason. You think the way you do and you do things the way you do so you can help the people you were meant to help. Go with it. Clear the decks and evaluate how you can best use your unique strengths in your business. Isn’t that why you started your own business in the first place?

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