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Friday’s Random Thoughts #1

Kids will never say, “Daddy you’ve spent too much time with me, please go back to work.” Kids are the ultimate time suck. The more time you spend with them, the more time they demand. But time with them has a very high return on investment.

With all the handwringing over the California draught, it will be fun to see what a few good rain storms will do. Isn’t Folsom Lake full yet?

You’ve hit middle age when you know you can beat your daughter in a foot race, but you hold back to avoid the MCL surgery.

Contentment is truly a gift. Those who find it are truly blessed.

Is it weird to watch all 13 episodes of season two of House of Cards in just one weekend?

Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, “David and Goliath,” is a fantastic read. The book starts with a unique perspective on David and Goliath – how David should have been favored, and how Goliath was really the underdog. Then it transitions to how Vivek Ranadivé (the new owner of the Sacramento Kings) taught his girls basketball team to defend every inbound play to beat their more skilled and more athletic opponents. And thats just in the introduction and the first chapter.

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