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Friday’s Random Thoughts #2

On Wednesday night in El Dorado Hills we witnessed an amazing and ferocious lighting, rain and thunder storm. From 10 p.m. to midnight, the sky erupted in thunderbolts and pouring rain. The pure power on display was both scary and awesome. We are so small.

I’m still angry that Saving Mr. Banks didn’t get an Academy Award.

All institutions, whether a business, government agency or even a church, reward behavior that is consistent with what the organization deems worthy and in-step with it’s values. That doesn’t always mean the rewarded behavior is the only way to do things. It just means that behavior is what that organization values as important.

This is the worst part of the year for sports. Football is long completed, basketball is not yet ready for March madness and baseball spring training has just begun. The saving grace is high school basketball playoffs.

The main insight from Malcolm Gladwell’s, David and Goliath: Your weaknesses are strengths. You may just not know it yet.

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