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Friday’s Random Thoughts #3

Baseball is the tortoise. Football is the hare.

Relationships matter, even in estate planning. If your family gets along, your estate plan will work smoothly. If your family doesn’t get along, your estate plan may not work smoothly. Great legal counsel and well drafted documents can’t always cover bad blood. But it sure helps.

Learning to say “no” is the best and simplest way to increase your productivity.

The folks at the California Secretary of State are getting faster at processing new corporations and LLCs. In the last few years, it was taking them six to eight weeks to process Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Organization. In the last few months, it has taken them only a few weeks. I like the improvement, but it’s still way too slow. It’s ironic that in California, in the cradle of Silicon Valley, it takes weeks to file a new corporation or LLC, but I can file a Nevada or Delaware corporation or LLC online from my office in El Dorado Hills in one day.

What’s the success rate of the political candidates who are first to put up their campaign signs? Should there be a penalty for unfurling campaign signs more than two months before an election?

I reread Cannery Row a few weeks ago while in Monterey. The pace of life circa Great Depression that Steinbeck describes seems like it’s from another planet: Doc, while recovering from a relationship gone bad, took a long walk through the southern states to get his mind right. Imagine that – walking through states, not to your mailbox, but through Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. Walking. . . Next time a business deal goes south, think about taking a walk to Half Moon Bay and back.

Sleep is underrated. The best part of Saturday is not having to wake up early to get the kids to school. If home school means everyone sleeps in, I might be interested.

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