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Experience and Wisdom – Priceless

We live in a truly amazing time. Almost anything you would like to do can be done with an app or software.

Despite this, nothing so far replaces experience and wisdom.

William A. Galston, in the Wall Street Journal, wrote about how in this new economy IT may have shrunk the number of advance cognitive skill jobs:

 . . . the even more troubling hypothesis [is] that IT can replace an ever-widening range of higher-skilled workers with less-educated individuals using systems whose inner workings they cannot begin to fathom.

As more and more work is done by IT, experience and wisdom which inform strategy and problem solving will be more valuable than ever. How valuable is a legal document (living trust, will, partnership agreement, buy-sell agreement) generated by Legal Zoom if it doesn’t solve your unique problem. Or, even worse, how valuable is the online generated document when you are relying on it to work and it turns out to be woefully inadequate.

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