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Friday’s Random Thoughts #5

39 years later, Willie Nelson’s Red Haired Stranger is one of the best albums of all time. He has a bad voice, plays the guitar in a clunky off beat manner, but he tells a story, simple, raw, so unique and beautiful. No one sounds like Willie. He left the corporate country music machine of Nashville to Austin for freedom to make music his way. His solo career really began in the 70s when he was already old. Now, at 81, and 60 albums later, he has succeeded like no other. Never caving to other’s expectations. He is the ultimate odd ball. And he has had the last laugh. He is the icon of  ignoring “best practices” and inspiration for all of us who believe in going a unique, different way.

Life will throw you many fastballs to the head. And some will knock you down. But its just a game. Hitting the dirt is no different than hitting a home run. It’s all part of the life we have. As Rudyard Kipling said – If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same . . .

My wonderful wife bought us tickets to see Mary Poppins at the Music Circus downtown Sacramento. The show was this week. Amazing performance (or, as my oldest daughter would say, “Amaze-balls”). Mary Poppins is set in 1910. One of the running themes is how the Banks are worried about impressing others and being with and doing things like the “right people” do. Mary Poppins, of course, does not care what the “right people” do. She is more concerned about caring for and loving the children in her charge. Mary Poppins rocks.

I still believe in the Giants. Little Timmy will lead the way. Jon Miller, Duane Kuiper and Dave Flemming are the soundtrack of summer.

If you were married for a long time and your spouse died and you remarry, tread very slowly. Don’t rush into amending  your estate plan to name your new spouse as a primary beneficiary. Your new spouse is new. Your children have been with you a long time. Think long and carefully before you cut their inheritance in favor of your new love.

Running your own business is a pure expression of American freedom. But it’s hard. It’s liberating. But it’s hard. It’s exciting and action packed.  . . . but it’s hard. But it’s worth it!

You can never spend too much time with your kids – its the best return on investment you will get.

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