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Friday’s Random Thoughts March 22, 2019

I took my family to see Hamilton in San Francisco last month. It was by far the best theatre production I have ever seen. The actors were world class. The writing, lyrics and music were contemporary, witty and fun. Completely entertaining and inspirational. Hard work, taking opportunities, human frailties and the miracle of America infused the production. Four weeks later and I still can’t stop listening to the soundtrack. Phenomenal.

The Golden 1 Center and the Sacramento Kings are showing how a big city can make life enjoyable and easy. Going to a Kings game is a joy. Parking is easy. No single large parking lot with everyone going in and out at the same time. Instead, parking is disbursed throughout many close-by lots making getting to the G1 Center and back to your car a breeze. And while the Kings probably won’t make the playoffs yet, man, they are fun to watch.

Been having a week-long Harry Potter film festival with my 12 year-old daughter. Forgot how good those movies are.

Did we learn again this week how superfluous and indulgent a top tier college degree is? Who is a better job candidate – a gritty community college CSU grad or a precious glamour college grad?

Grace and goodness are still out there, in abundance. With eyes to see and ears to hear.

Three years ago we were in a drought that experts said would never end. It’s the new reality in California. The drought is now officially over From One Winter. We. Think. We. Know. Things. We. Do. Not.

Sacramento may have been made to brew beer. My current fav is Rusthaller.

Dogs are proof of God’s love to humans.

Kindness and competence are the killer app.










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