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You’ve spent a lifetime providing for your family. Now it’s time to protect what you’ve built. A revocable living trust estate plan does just that. It lays out how you want your assets to go when you pass away. Without it, your family will go through an expensive and complicated probate, and the state of California will decide who gets your assets.

The basic documents in your estate plan will include a revocable living trust, pour-over will, durable power of attorney, advance health care directive, HIPAA and trust transfer deed for your home.

You do your estate plan because you love your kids and spouse. Although a well drafted estate plan will include documents to allow someone you trust to take care of you if you become incapacitated, your main objective to to protect your family. It’s part of being a good steward of what you’ve been given – and what you’ve been given is a family to take care of.

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