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Estate Planning Summer Checklist

We get busy this time of year as families get ready for summer vacations. Here is an Estate Planning Checklist to review before your trip. 1. Living Trust.  Do you have one? Is it up to date? Successor Trustees. Are your successor trustees (the people who will manage your money and assets if you become incapacitated or pass away) still the ones you want? Or does your living trust name your neighbor…

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9. Other Documents You Need

This is part 9 in my series, Estate Planning – What You Need to Know. Part 9 - Other Documents You Need. Pour-Over Will When you create a revocable living trust as the central piece of your estate plan, you should also include a pour-over will. A revocable living trust only controls property that you have transferred to it. If you die without transferring your property to the trust, such as real…

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