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You Can Rebuild It – Better

If this middle class killing economy has cut the knees out from your business, can you rebuild it? Not like before, but better, in a more sustainable way. Like Steve Austin, the $6M dollar man, but for a lot less. Maybe you lost your home, your savings, your retirement plans or the long term investment which would have been your retirement. Once you get past the grieving and settle into a "I…

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Innovate your business by doing less!

I've been on vacation this week (kind of) and have been reading Practically Radical, by William Taylor. It's a fantastic book on how creative successful companies have innovated. Taylor interviewed Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the founders of one of my favorite companies, 37signals, which makes the CRM app, Highrise, and the project management app, Basecamp. My law firm uses both because they give us just what we need, are not…

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