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8. You Can Give Your Children Divorce and Asset Protection

This is part 8 in my series, Estate Planning – What You Need to Know. Part 8 - You Can Give Your Children Divorce and Asset Protection. Of the thousands of clients I’ve worked with, most know how they want to distribute their assets when they die:  For married couples, it’s usually to the surviving spouse and then in equal shares to their children.  For a divorced client or widow, it’s usually…

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When to Give Your Children Their Inheritance?

What age should your children receive their inheritance if you and your spouse die while they are young? This is as much a question for a veteran estate planning attorney as it is for an experienced parent. Your children can't own assets until they are 18. But do you want them to have compete control of their inheritance at 18? Remember when you were 18? So from age 18 until age x,…

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