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Estate Planning Summer Checklist

We get busy this time of year as families get ready for summer vacations. Here is an Estate Planning Checklist to review before your trip. 1. Living Trust.  Do you have one? Is it up to date? Successor Trustees. Are your successor trustees (the people who will manage your money and assets if you become incapacitated or pass away) still the ones you want? Or does your living trust name your neighbor…

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2. Who Needs an Estate Plan?

Here is part 2 my series entitled, Estate Planning – What You Need to Know. Who Needs an Estate Plan? If you have a family, a house or a business or you have assets you would like to pass down to certain people or charities, then you absolutely need an estate plan. An estate plan will make sure there are enough funds to take care of your spouse and young children, often…

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You Need Life Insurance to Protect Your Family

If you have young children, and you are not independently wealthy, you must get a big term life insurance policy. If you died tomorrow, would your spouse and children be able to make ends meet comfortably, or would they have to scrape and claw their way? If you have young children, chances are term life insurance will not cost you very much because you are relatively young and healthy. You should call…

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Estate Planning is Not Complicated

If you have a family, you need to protect it. It's your job. If you die, what happens to your spouse and children? The solution can be simple. An estate plan and life insurance. The estate plan usually involves a living trust and the life insurance can be a 20 year term policy. That will protect most families. It doesn't have to be difficult, but it does have to be done. Don't…

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