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Act by Dec. 31 to Avoid Estate Tax (click for slide show)

We now know the next President and the composition of Congress. Most likely, the historic estate and gift tax exclusions that end on December 31, 2012, will never be seen again. This may be the best opportunity in your lifetime to remove assets from your estate and forever avoid estate tax. Watch the slide show below to learn more about what you can do in the remaining days of this year to…

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Annual Gift Tax Exclusion Up to $14k in 2013

The IRS will increase the annual gift tax exclusion from $13k to $14K in 2013. The annual gift tax exclusion is the amount you and your spouse can each gift to anyone without dipping into your lifetime gift tax exclusion (the lifetime gift tax exclusion is currently $5,120,000 and scheduled to drop to $1M in 2013).  From Forbes: There is one change taking effect in January 2013 that’s new: the annual gift…

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