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You Can Rebuild It – Better

If this middle class killing economy has cut the knees out from your business, can you rebuild it? Not like before, but better, in a more sustainable way. Like Steve Austin, the $6M dollar man, but for a lot less. Maybe you lost your home, your savings, your retirement plans or the long term investment which would have been your retirement. Once you get past the grieving and settle into a "I…

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Do You Need an Office?

Do you need an office? Before the crash, maybe you thought, of course I do. I have to look professional or I can't work from my home, it's too distracting. But after the crash everything is different for small business owners. If you run your business by yourself, a one-person shop, maybe you can work from home? If so, you can significantly cut your monthly overhead, increase your profit margin and enhance…

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